Joseph Teti - Survival Expert on CNN

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The Warrior Mentality: Learning to Master a Crisis Situation

June 25, 2013
Hosted by Pamela Hill

Did you ever wonder what it takes to be a warrior? How to keep a cool head in life or death situations? Join us as Joe Teti, former Marine, Green Beret and co-host of The Discovery Channel’s show Dual Survival, walks us through a mission as a way to explain the mental and physical preparation it takes to face the worst and come out on top. Learn how to keep your mind right in a crisis, develop situational awareness, set and achieve objectives and, most importantly, how to maintain the survivor’s mindset in any circumstance. This is a truly unique opportunity to get inside the mind of a warrior, and his insightful lessons apply to everyone be it soldier or business executive.

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Joesph Teti - Dual Survival Reel




 Joesph Teti - 1 second draw technique Podcast interview - Click here

June 30th, 2013 presents a 40 minute unedited interview with Joe Teti, the co-sta


r of the hit TV show Dual Survival and also the owner of Lone Operator Inc.

During this interview I covered the following topics with Joe:

  • Joe’s background and some “fun to know” information
  • Training philosophies related to fitness, shooting, tactics, and survival.
  • Lone Operator Inc.
  • The Hit TV show Dual Survival.


Joe Teti on Chairborne Commandos

Joe Teti And The OODA Loop
by The Mighty Quin on September 2, 2013

Joe Teti: Co-Star of Discovery's "Dual Survival" Reality Show, Special Ops Veteran, Keynote Speaker

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