Lone Operator Inc. training advantages.

 1.   Quality Over Quantity.  
We believe that concentrating our efforts on projects and courses that we can execute without sacrificing quality by maintaining a small, highly dedicated group of  professionals, as well as keeping our operation streamline and easy to manage, we can provide our clients world-class service and product at affordable pricing.

 2.   Low Instructor To Student Ratio. 
Most of our courses will have from 5-10 students per class.  Keeping the number of students at this level ensures that each and every person attending gets maximum hands on time, and personal attention ensuring you receive and understand all information that is being taught.

 3.   Real World Experience.
Let’s face it…there is a huge difference in someone being “book taught”, and someone who has actually used the information in real world situations.  That is the case with our instructors. 

Our instructors have operated globally in the most hostile environments and participated in the most sophisticated and demanding military and government special operations to date.  This has provided us an exceptional ability to impart critical knowledge and skills that are battle proven, which is invaluable to our clients.

 4.   Cost Effective. 
Our courses offer our students much more content and information than other similar courses. We feel that anyone who is interested in attending one of our courses should have that opportunity.  For this reason we have priced our courses very competitively.

 5.   Custom Training Courses.
In the event you or your organization require custom training to address your particular concerns and situation, Lone Operator Inc. will work with you to design a custom course specifically for your needs. 

 6.   Location, Location, Location. 
We are located in Albemarle, North Carolina just over an hour drive from Charlotte International Airport.  
In addition, the Stanly County Airport, 10 minutes from Albemarle offers private or corporate clients landing opportunities as well.

 7.   Professional Networking. 
We have professional relationships with other training organizations and individuals.  In the event you desire further training in a particular area that we do not teach, there is a good chance we can guide you in the right direction for quality instruction.

 8.   MTT (Mobile Training Team). 
In the event it is more cost effective or practical for us to come to you…no problem.  We will do a detailed Area Assessment / Site Survey prior to training you to ensure that your location has the proper “environmentals” needed to conduct quality training.  Depending on the course of instruction this may or may not be viable. 

 9.   Best of the best. 
Our company is very small in comparison to other companies in our industry.  This is for a very good reason.  We have seen first hand what happens when companies sacrifice quality for quantity.  The promise of large returns by taking on projects they were unprepared to execute with qualitypersonnel took its toll on numerous companies in our industry.  Sadly, law suits and unnecessary loss of life were the result in some cases.   LOI decided not to sacrifice their reputations and quality of services for the possibility of a better short term bottom line, but grow a company for the long term built on quality and client satisfaction. 

 10.   Commitment To Excellence.
For those of use who have served our nation in the capacities in which we have, commitment and dedication to professional excellence was and is the only standard.  Moral, legal, and ethical business practices have been and will always be the cornerstone of our company.  We firmly believe that honesty and integrity in all we do best serves our clients.




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